Electronic Spa Parts

Balboa’s M7 Spa Control Systems are the most advanced spa controls ever developed. We created the first reliable electronic spa control nearly twenty years ago and M7 technology is the biggest breakthrough since. By coupling our unique, patented software and design with state-of-the-art materials, M7 hot tub heater technology provides you a more reliable system that is less expensive to install and maintain. M7 controls are intended to accommodate the most demanding new spa designs and advanced water temperature management into the new millennium. Our heaters are used in spas by noted manufacturers such as Caldera, Sundance, Cal Spas, Marquis, Coast, and more. Buy your heater replacement direct from Balboa and save!

Balboa’s cutting-edge product design and commitment to the advancement in technology continues to make us the leader in the spa industry. Our M7 hot tub heaters are just another great example of our serious commitment to quality and innovative design. You can rest assured in knowing that you have the highest quality products available whether you are purchasing a replacement or have been fortunate to have genuine Balboa Water Group (BWG) products already installed in your hot tub or spa.


Unicel is the nation’s leading manufacturer of swimming pool filter replacement cartridges. Finding the exact filter cartridge you need is easy.

Test Strips from Aqua Check – Fast, Easy, Accurate

Quick Vac Vacuum

QuickVac was designed and developed to be a quick, convenient, effective and value priced vacuum for above ground Hot Tub’s, Spas and Kid’s Pools.

Excellent vacuum for hot tub’s and spas.

Easily vacuums out silt, sand, hair, lint and grit.

More effective, with stronger suction than the vacuums supplied with most kids splasher pools and wading pools.


Working with the strongest suppliers in the market – Executive, Hayword, Waterway, Laing Circ Pumps.Fitting hoses and plumbing, jets Need your cover replaced.Replacement Spa Covers are available in store and made to order.

Pioneer H2O Salt Water System

Pioneer h2o technologies was established in 1991 as a better way to treat recreational water. We wanted to be part of an upcoming industry that promoted the use of fewer chemicals to sanitize water and use more natural methods making water more inviting.

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