Gazebos and Covers


The COVANA provides you peace of mind when you are away to ensure no one enters your spa.

The COVANA can’t blow off in the wind leaving you open to liability issues and leave your yard unsafe for small children and animals.

The COVANA allows your teenagers in your spa when you want them there – not when they want.

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Optional privacy and seclusion?

The COVANA has shades for the utmost in privacy.

The COVANA has screens for moderate privacy.

Ease of use and ease of entry?

With the simple turn of a key, you can enjoy your spa in even the worst weather.

Your spa is opened or closed by simply turning the key.

Green? Easy on the environment?

The landfill receives 1.2 million discarded traditional spa covers a year.

Life of a traditional hot tub cover is 2-3 years.

The COVANA will last the life of your spa.

Custom seal for your spa?

With the COVANA you save on chemicals and cost of heating water. COVANA is a sealed unit thereby keeping chemicals, heat and water from escaping.

Cost effective?

Gazebo, cover and cover lifter = $10,000.00 plus. COVANA more cost effective and easier to use.

Stands up to heavy snow loads?

The COVANA holds up to 600 lbs of snow load.

Some gazebos have collapsed under the weight of snow.

Garden view?

When closed, the COVANA does not obstruct your garden view.

When soaking, your view is not obstructed by gazebo panel.

The COVANA is not a permanent structure and does not require a building permit.

Replacement covers can be ordered to fit all makes of Hot Tubs.

Cover Lifters – For Ease of Cover Removal


No manufacturer makes better spa cover lifts than Leisure Concepts. The innovation starts with our product designers who envision cover lifts never before seen in the marketplace. Then our manufacturing team realizes that vision by utilizing the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art processes. The results are cover lifts that are stylish, easy to install, fit most spas and exceeds consumer and dealer expectations — without exceeding their budgets.

Cover Valet

The Cover Valet™ is the world’s leading premium spa cover removal system. It is designed to fit in almost any backyard environment: inside of a gazebo, against a wall, or even mounted into an existing deck. Dual gas springs assist in effortlessly lifting and lowering the spa cover. A locking safety feature holds the cover open until it is time to be closed. A durable powder coat finish accompanied by stainless steel hardware allows the Cover Valet to be equipped with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

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